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Volkswagen Station Wagon, Bus (Type 2) Service Manual: 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979 (Volkswagen Service Manuals)

This Volkswagen Station Wagon / Bus Repair Manual Type 2: 1968-1979 offers air cooled Volkswagen Bus and Van enthusiasts comprehensive repair information for their Type 2 vehicles. Maintenance, tune-up, and mechanical repairs are covered (except the 1974 and later Campmobile interior equipment). Fuel injection troubleshooting and repair is described with full instructions for making the necessary electrical tests.

The aim throughout this Volkswagen air-cooled repair manual has been simplicity, clarity and completeness, achieved through practical explanations, step-by-step procedures and accurate specifications. Whether you're a professional technician or a do-it-yourself Volkswagen Type II owner, this manual will help you understand, care for and repair your car.

Technical highlights:

  • Tune-up and oil change: specifications and procedures for all models, up through the latest 1979 vehicles
  • Troubleshooting, replacing or repairing every component of the electrical system - with complete wiring diagrams
  • Troubleshooting and repair of the electronic fuel injection system used on 1975 and later models
  • Troubleshooting, repairing and rebuilding the clutch, manual transmission and automatic transmission
  • Rebuilding the carburetor-including dual carburetors
  • Rebuilding disc and drum brakes
  • Rebuilding the front axle and steering gearbox
  • Comprehensive engine repair and rebuilding data-including 1978 and later engines with hydraulic valve lifters
  • Spark advance curves for all distributors-including the transistorized ignition system used on 1979 California models
  • Emission controls-including 1973 and later exhaust gas recirculation systems, and the 1973 and 1974 air injection system
  • Adjusting passenger doors and sliding cargo doors
  • tolerances, wear limits, settings and tightening torque specifications for every part of your vehicles

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ASIN: 0837616352 | ISBN: 0837616352
Author: Volkswagen Of America
Publisher: Bentley Publishers
Publication Date: 2010-06-18


How to Rebuild Your Volkswagen air-Cooled Engine (All models, 1961 and up)
Summary: Learn how to rebuild a Volkswagen air-cooled engine!

This guide will teach the reader how to troubleshoot, remove, tear down, inspect, assemble, and install Bug, Bus, Karmann Ghia, Thing, Type-3, Type-4, and Porsche 914 engines. All models from 1961 on up are included.

Suggested Retail :: $30.00

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ASIN: 0895862255 | ISBN: 0895862255
Author: Tom Wilson
Publisher: HP Books
Publication Date: 1987-01-01


Volkswagen Transporter Workshop Manual: 1963-1967, Type 2
Summary: In the same tradition as our classic 1961-1965 Type 1 manual, this manual offers owners of 1960s vintage Transporters the long out-of-print repair information. Indispensable to anyone interested in the history or restoration of the Transporter, this book includes complete coverage of 1200 and 1500 engines, dual-circuit brakes, and body dimension specifications for all models-even those with sliding sunroof. Factory updates are listed by chassis number and date introduced. This is the one book no serious Type 2 enthusiast should be without. Air-cooled Volkswagens (Type 2) covered: * Volkswagen Type 2 Ambulance * Volkswagen Type 2 Delivery Van * Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi * Volkswagen Type 2 Micro Bus * Volkswagen Type 2 Micro Bus De Luxe * Volkswagen Type 2 Pick-up Technical highlights: * 1200 and 1500 engines, including 34 hp, 42 hp, and 44 hp, all with fresh air heating * Engine bench testing procedures and specifications * ZF and ATE steering gear removal, rebuilding and installation * Dual circuit brakes * 6 and 12-volt electrical systems, with listing of 6-volt components converted to 12-volts * US and European lighting and electrical systems * Comprehensive wiring diagrams * Frame, floor and body panel repair. All measurements and detailed cutting, alignment and welding instructions. Painting preparation and procedures * Body repair and replacement procedures, including the sliding fabric sunroof, the Pick-Up wooden platform, and a special section for Ambulance accessories. * All factory changes and updates are noted in the text by manufacturing date, chassis number, engine number and part number * Full explanations of the operation of all systems, with exploded views, cutaways and diagrams * Required workshop equipment, tools, and listings of equipment for local manufacture * Troubleshooting tables for clutch, carburetor, fuel system, steering, brakes, generator, starter, and wipers * Maintenance and lubrication charts and procedures * Comprehensive specifications and technical data

Suggested Retail :: $129.95

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ASIN: 0837616980 | ISBN: 0837616980
Author: Volkswagen Of America
Publisher: Bentley Publishers
Publication Date: 1992-01-01


How to Restore Volkswagen (bay window) Bus: Your step-by-step illustrated guide to body and interior restoration (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual)

YOUR step-by-step illustrated guide to body and interior restoration: Microbus, Camper, Kombi & Transporter; All August 1967 to October 1979 models; Does not cover rear bodywork of Pick-up models

The only book currently available that comprehensively deals with the realities of restoring a VW Bay Window Bus. With over 1500 mainly color photos, it clearly guides the reader through body and chassis repairs,  paint work, interior re-trimming and most of the common mechanical  problems. The skills, techniques and even the tools needed to complete  these tasks are explained in jargon free language to ensure that even  those enthusiasts with no previous restoration experience will feel confident in sorting out their Bus. An indispensable and unique guide for lovers of these fast appreciating classics.

Suggested Retail :: $85.00

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ASIN: 1845840933 | ISBN: 1845840933
Author: Mark Paxton
Publisher: Veloce Publishing
Publication Date: 2008-07-15


Volkswagen Station Wagon/Bus Official Service Manual: Type 2 by Inc. Volkswagen of America (Aug 1 2010)

From as low as New :: $60.70 Used :: $43.10

Publisher: Bentley Publishers; edition (2010-10-11)
Publication Date: 1800


How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive: A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot [For the Beetle, Bus, Karmann Ghia, Square\Fastback Safari and 411 - 412]
Summary: Manual to keep your Volkswagen running to it's full potential.

From as low as New :: $107.69 Used :: $27.33

ASIN: 0912528168 | ISBN: 0912528168
Author: John Muir
Publisher: John Muir Publications
Publication Date: 1979-11


Volkswagen Golf/Jetta/GTI 1999-2005 Repair Manual (Chilton's Total Car Care Repair Manuals)
Summary: Total Car Care is the most complete, step-by-step automotive repair manual you'll ever use. All repair procedures are supported by detailed specifications, exploded views, and photographs. From the simplest repair procedure to the most complex, trust Chilton's Total Car Care to give you everything you need to do the job. Save time and money by doing it yourself, with the confidence only a Chilton Repair Manual can provide.

Suggested Retail :: $35.50

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ASIN: 1563927187 | ISBN: 1563927187
Author: Chilton
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication Date: 2010-10-15


How to Modify Volkswagen Bus Suspension, Brakes & Chassis for High Performance: Updated & Enlarged New Edition (SpeedPro Series)

The original and only book devoted to modifying VW Bus suspension, brakes and chassis for high performance is now in completely updated form. How to Modify Volkswagen Bus Suspension, Brakes & Chassis for High Performance now covers all T1 to T5 buses, vans, campers & pick-ups 1950-2010.

Ideal for owners wanting to uprade handling, this book is suitable for practical enthusiasts and professional mechanics. Original photography by the author complements technical diagrams by specialist component manufacturers. The book is based on successful ‘How-To' technical features developed by the author for a leading VW magazine. All information is  based on the practical experience of specialist VW mechanics and tuning shops. It includes a guide to VW Bus chassis numbers and gearbox references, illustrated by more than 280 photographs and illustrations. 

Suggested Retail :: $49.95

From as low as New :: $9.06 Used :: $11.69

ASIN: 1845842626 | ISBN: 1845842626
Author: James Hale
Publisher: Veloce Publishing
Publication Date: 2011-03-01


How to Hot Rod Volkswagen Engines
Summary: Fire and ice . . . that’s what you get when you take the cool looks of the Volkswagen Beetle, Bus, Karmann Ghia, Thing, Squareback or Fastback and unleash the hot performance of the air-cooled VW engine. How to hot Rod Volkswagen Engines gives the real skinny for breathing-on, blueprinting and bulletproofing your air-cooled Vee-dub.

Street, custom, kit car, off-road, or full-race, this book gives you all the air-cooled engine-building basics to find and put to the pavement hidden horsepower. Includes tips on carburetion, ignition and exhaust tuning, case beefing, cylinder-head flow work, camshaft selection, lubrication and cooling upgrades, 6-to 12-volt conversions and much more. Plus there’s a natty 6-page history of the origins of the first air-cooled VW engines.

Go ahead. You deserve it! Double or triple the output of your air-cooled Volkswagen. Or add 10-15 horsepower with easy bolt-on mods. Mild or wild, do it the right way—with this book. More than 300 photos, drawings and charts to guide you through your VW’s innards. And don’t look back.

Suggested Retail :: $30.00

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ASIN: 0912656034 | ISBN: 0912656034
Author: Bill Fisher
Publisher: HPBooks
Publication Date: 1970-01-01


How to Restore Volkswagen (bay window) Bus - Enthusiast's Restoration Manual Bus (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual) (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual Series) of Mark Paxton on 07 June 2011

From as low as New :: $115.81 Used :: $93.42

Author: Mark Paxton;
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd; edition (2011-06-07)
Publication Date: 1800