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Summary: Originally published by Floyd Clymer this is a faithful reproduction of the 1967 publication of that manual. Includes complete technical data, service and maintenance information and comprehensive detailed instructions for the repair and overhaul of all major and minor mechanical and electrical components. Covers the Porsche 356-356A-356B-356C series from 1948 through 1965, making it an invaluable resource for collectors and restorers of these classic automobiles. There are separate sections that deal with the repair and overhaul procedures for the engine, ignition system, fuel system, clutch, transmission, rear suspension, steering, front suspension, brakes, shocks, heater and exhaust plus a detailed electrical system section including wiring diagrams. There is a comprehensive chapter on routine service, maintenance and tune ups plus detailed technical specifications and maintenance charts. In addition, there are separate chapters dealing with the three different carburetors fitted to the 356 series - Solex, Zenith and Weber plus a chapter on the Carrera engine and special section on increasing power and performance. This is a - must have - reference for any Porsche 356 enthusiast and would certainly assist in helping any potential purchaser better understand the inner workings prior purchasing of one of these classic automobiles. Out-of-print and unavailable for many years, this book is becoming increasingly more difficult to find on the secondary market and we are pleased to be able to offer this reproduction as a service to all Porsche enthusiasts worldwide.

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ASIN: 1588501000 | ISBN: 1588501000
Author: Floyd Clymer
Publisher: Veloce Enterprises, Inc.
Publication Date: 2008-06-01


Porsche 356 Owner's Workshop Manual 1957-1965 (Brooklands Books)
Summary: Covers engine, fuel, cooling system, ignition, clutch, transmission, suspension, steering, brakes, electric, body-work, wiring, maintenance and over-haul, and technical data. Covers all models 1957-65.

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ASIN: 1870642597 | ISBN: 9781870642590
Author: R.M. Clarke
Publisher: Marston Book Services, LTD
Publication Date: 1999-01-01


Porsche 356 Guide to Do-It-Yourself Restoration

The second edition of this book continues the restoration of a 356 Porsche to driver level condition. This book does not spend time or money creating the “perfect” 356, and does not necessarily search for NOS (new old stock) replacement panels if a reproduction panel or patch is appropriate; but the book strives to give you a restoration that will be correct, admired and driven. This second edition provides more detail and contains additional comments to assist those restoring a 356 which was purchased disassembled. This second edition follows the restoration of a 1957 sunroof coupe from the time of purchase to the first drive. Additionally, detailed comments are provided from vendors, such as media blasting, painting, and upholstery.

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ASIN: 0929758269 | ISBN: 0929758269
Author: Jim Kellogg
Publisher: TPR Inc.
Publication Date: 2009-11-01


356 Porsche Technical and Restoration Guide

This superb collection of technical and restoration articles from the first 20 years of the 356 Registry covers all aspects of restoration and repair. Chapters include: Background/History; Body; Brakes; Detailing; Driving; Electrical; Engine; Engine Lore from the Maestro; Engine/Gearbox Conversions; Fuel System; Hardware; Interior; Linkage/Cables; Luggage Compartment; Parts; Restoration; Storage; Suspension; Tools; and Trim.

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ASIN: 0929758102 | ISBN: 9780929758107
Author: 356 Registry Editors
Publisher: TPR Inc.
Publication Date: 1994-12-30


356 Porsche: A Restorer's Guide to Authenticity

Recognized by Porsche enthusiasts, concours judges, even the Porsche factory as a definitive guide to Porsche authenticity. Get a detailed look at the year-to-year changes in body, chassis, trim, and interior components. Virtually every part is described and photographed allowing owner and restorer to determine originality. Revised and updated 3rd ed.

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ASIN: 0929758161 | ISBN: 0929758161
Author: Brett Johnson
Publisher: TPR Inc.
Publication Date: 1998-01-23


Porsche 356 Owners Workshop Manual 1957-1965
Summary: This do it yourself workshop manual has been specially written for the owner who wishes to maintain his vehicle & carry out the bulk of his own servicing & repairs. There are step by step instructions & many illustrations are given of most dismantling, overhauling & assembling operations. Covers the 356A, 356B & 356C. Sb.

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Author: Trade Trade
Publisher: Brooklands Books
Publication Date: 2014-10-01


Porsche 356 C - Driver manual
Summary: Porsche 356 C

Official driver manual

p 88

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Author: Ferry Porsche
Publication Date: 2016-08-23


Porsche 356 Owner's Workshop Manual: Porsche 356A, Porsche 356B, Porsche 356C, 1957 - 1965 (Brooklands Books) New Edition published by Brooklands Books Ltd (1970)
Summary: Owner's Workshop Manual: Porsche 356A, Porsche 356B, Porsche 356C, 1957 - 1965

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Publisher: Brooklands Books Ltd


Porsche Owners Handbook and Service Manual
Summary: Covers all prosche modesl up to 356C Step-by-step how-to maintenance Complete specifications of all models High Performance specifications Tuning instructions for performance

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Author: Clymer Publications
Publisher: Floyd Clymer Los Angeles, CA
Publication Date: 1974


By R.M. Clarke Porsche 356 AB Workshop Manual (Brooklands Books) [Paperback]

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Publisher: Brooklands Books
Publication Date: 1989-11-19