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Ferrari Engines Enthusiasts' Manual: 15 iconic Ferrari engines from 1947 to the present (Haynes Manuals)

A unique Ferrari book, Ferrari Engines Enthusiasts' Manual offers a rare insight inside 15 iconic Ferrari engines. Featuring never-seen-before photographs of the engine internal components, this book provides a  chronological tour of Ferrari's engine-building heritage.

Ferrari Engines Enthusiasts' Manual is a 'must-have' for Ferrari enthusiasts.

Suggested Retail :: $44.95

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ASIN: 1785212087 | ISBN: 9781785212086
Author: Francesco Reggiani
Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK
Publication Date: 2018-10-09


Ferrari 512 S/M 1970 onwards (all marks): An insight into the design, engineering, maintenance and operation of Ferrari's iconic 1970s sports racing car (Owners' Workshop Manual)

The Ferrari 512 marked the company's return to the World Sports Car Championship, and despite being a late entrant, the 512 was a formidable race car. Such was Ferrari's breadth and depth in motorsport that they were able to mix and match components relatively quickly and the new car was revealed at the 1969 Turin Motor Show although it was only ready to race the following year. Mauro Forghieri, under whose direction the 512 was developed, used a semi-monocoque chassis similar to that of the 612 P Can-Am car, and the car was fitted with a 5-litre V12 engine. The extremely handsome, muscular body was designed by Pininfarina and was available in both sports coupe and spyder format.

Suggested Retail :: $36.95

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ASIN: 0857337874 | ISBN: 0857337874
Author: Glen Smale
Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK
Publication Date: 2016-11-18


Ferrari 312T 1975 to 1980 (312T, T2, T3, T4, T5 & T6): An insight into the design, engineering, maintenance and operation of Ferrari's series of ... F1 cars (Owners' Workshop Manual)

The Ferrari 312T is one of Ferrari's most iconic F1 cars, and was the car with which Niki Lauda battled against James Hunt for the 1976 World Championship - the subject of the recent Hollywood blockbuster Rush.

Suggested Retail :: $36.95

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ASIN: 0857338110 | ISBN: 0857338110
Author: Nick Garton
Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK
Publication Date: 2016-08-01


Ferrari 250 GTO Manual: An insight into owning, racing and maintaining Ferrari's iconic sports racer

A new addition to our 'classic racing car' series of manuals, this title will sit alongside Lotus 72, McLaren M23, Ford GT40 and Maserati 250F, covering Ferrari's iconic 1960s 250 GTO - currently one of the most desirable and valuable cars in the world

Suggested Retail :: $39.95

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ASIN: 0857333844 | ISBN: 0857333844
Author: Glen Smale
Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK
Publication Date: 2014-07-01


Ferrari Tuning Tips and Maintenance Techniques
Summary: Ferrari Tuning Tips and Maintenance Techniques is presented unchanged from its last April, 1977 edition and contains a wealth of information for the Classic Ferrari owner, driver and mechanic.

Suggested Retail :: $44.95

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ASIN: 1588500128 | ISBN: 1588500128
Author: Gerald L. Roush
Publisher: The ValueGuide, Inc.
Publication Date: 2001-08-01


Socially Savvy: An Assessment and Curriculum Guide for Young Children
Summary: Socially Savvy helps educators and parents break down broad areas of social functioning into concrete skills. The checklist pinpoints a child's specific strengths and challenges which in turn makes it possible to prioritize the skills most in need of intervention, develop strategies to address them, and track the effectiveness of those strategies. This manual includes targeted, play-based activities that foster the development of social skills critical to a joyful childhood and future academic success.

This manual: introduces the Socially Savvy Checklist and how to effectively integrate it; describes the 7 areas of social development in detail; provides skill-specific samples IEP objectives; offers detailed step-by-step teaching plans; includes 50 specific games and activities for teaching targeted social skills; offers specific ideas on progress assessment and data collection; and shares 2 case studies to illustrate the process from initial assessment to intervention and data collection.

The Appendices offer Lesson Plans for some of the targeted social skills, Visual Supports for activities and intervention strategies, and Social Stories for discussions of targeted social skills.

Socially Savvy is designed for all parties from the educator to the parent working with children in planned and naturally occurring opportunities to help develop these essential social skills. This manual serves as a resource to make both learning and teaching social skills a fun, rewarding experience.

Suggested Retail :: $59.95

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ASIN: 0991040309 | ISBN: 0991040309
Author: James T. Ellis
Publisher: DRL Books
Publication Date: 2015-01-15


The xahive Cybersecurity Best Practices Manual: Guidelines for Small Business to Large Enterprises: be prepared, be educated, be cybersafe
Summary: The xahive cybersecurity guide educates small, medium and enterprise businesses on current cybersecurity trends, and how and why to pro-actively address these issues. This manual has twelve sections: The first section is the introduction which reiterates the purpose of this manual. The second section outlines the many reasons why many SME managers and executives wrongly believe their businesses are safe from cybercriminals. This section explores the attitudes and perceptions held by SMEs toward cybersecurity and examines the reasons cybercriminals highly target SMEs. The third section of the report will begin with an explanation of why cybercriminals are interested in hacking SMEs. The fourth section discusses business email compromise scams and how they work. The fifth section explains the United States (U.S.) legislation related to cybersecurity. The sixth section explains the impact of the New York State Department of Financial Services cybersecurity regulation targeted at financial institutions in New York and their third-party vendors. The seventh and eighth sections explore how to break down a cybersecurity governance process as a case study. These sections examine how to recover from a data breach. Section nine explains, using evidence and inference, how much cyber breaches cost and the return on investment of implementing various solutions and preventative measures. Sections ten and eleven are best practices curated from referenced sources for cybersecurity preparedness and vendor management. These sections contain recommendations with specific examples and product suggestions and implementation. Finally, section twelve contains several quick reference checklists for cybersecurity best practices. At xahive, we firmly believe all organizations should exercise due diligence and implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect their clients and their data from cybercriminals, regardless of size and budget.

Suggested Retail :: $19.99

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ASIN: 1723822868 | ISBN: 1723822868
Author: Sem Ponnambalam
Publisher: Independently published
Publication Date: 2018-09-20


Manual de um Gerente à Beira de um Ataque de Nervos: A arte de saber aprender, na prática, um pouquinho de tudo (Portuguese Edition)
Summary: Você está buscando uma posição de liderança?
Deseja ser um grande Gestor?

Ou acabou de ser promovido e está precisando de umas dicas? De um manual?

Ou, ainda, você já é um gestor há muitos anos, mas está apanhando da sua equipe atual?

Este livro ira ajudar você a montar uma equipe de Alta Performance, enquanto se prepara para um cargo de liderança, pois apresenta o Ciclo de Vida de um colaborador numa empresa: desde o processo de Recrutamento & Seleção dos melhores talentos, passando por técnicas de feedback, formação de time, construção de indicadores e avaliação de desempenho e acabando no fatídico momento em que você tem que demitir alguém.

Você poderá lê-lo na sequência ou escolher o Capítulo que está relacionado ao seu desafio atual.

Durante a leitura você certamente será atropelado por muitas ideias novas para resolver problemas antigos e atingirá o sucesso tão esperado por todos os líderes: ser feliz e realizado na sua profissão e, neste caminho, ajudar muita gente a se realizar também. Afinal, não é isto que um gestor tem que fazer?

Descubra dicas para fazer do seu trabalho uma fonte de alegria e resultados reais; de crescimento e sucesso. Boa leitura e bom trabalho!

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Author: Vania Ferrari
Publisher: Texto & Textura
Publication Date: 2014-12-08


Ferrari 308/328 - Workshop manual
Summary: Official workshop manual for Ferrari 308 quattrovalvole and Ferrari 328 GTB/GTS

p 115

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Author: Enzo Ferrari
Publication Date: 2016-02-28


Mille Miglia 1952-1957: The Ferrari and Mercedes Years (Mille Miglia Racing)

Contemporary reports on Mille Miglia races when Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and O.M. scored memorable wins. Select articles from Auto, Speed Age, and Sports Cars Illustrated (Car and Driver) highlight these truly legendary races. This volume includes annual results and race summaries for each year by Mike Lawrence. New Models in the Mille Miglia; Results by the Thousand; Ferrari: Alfa Romeo Duel at Record Speed, and more.

Suggested Retail :: $35.95

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ASIN: 1855204681 | ISBN: 1855204681
Author: R.M. Clarke
Publisher: Brooklands Books Ltd
Publication Date: 1998-12-25